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G10 Freeride Windsurfing Fin

Dragon Freeride Fin

(10 customer reviews)


G10 Freeride Windsurfing Fin

Dragon Freeride Fin

(10 customer reviews)


Early Planing, Lightening Speed & Smooth Jibes

The Dragon Freeride fin is a major upgrade for all freeride boards. Building upon our experiences with our slalom fins we developed a windsurf fin which enables riders to increase speed without sacrificing comfort.

The result is a freeride fin which helps to get you planing earlier & set new personal best speeds while remaining in complete control. The Dragon sits seamlessly into the collection between the racing and freewave ranges.

The Dragon fin range consists of five six options to cover all riders with a wide range of freeride boards and wind conditions.

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10 reviews for Dragon Freeride Fin

  1. Dragon freeride 37.5

    woodski (verified owner)

    Quality fin in all aspects from what I can tell after @ 55-60 days of use. Quick planning and before, loose enough for nice jibing , durable and oh points well too! 0 complaints and will not look else where for any of my next fins. Used on a 135L brd 5.7 -7.4m2 sail range, flat to choppy conditions; ripping compared to the decent fin that came with the board. Thanks BP & keep it up!

  2. Fast and loose.

    sniles (verified owner)

    This fin stabilizes a freeware board like my Quattro Power Pro 105, both above and below planing speed. At full planing the board will accelerate quicker and ride flatter, in a straighter line, smoothing out the overall ride. I have the 35cm which seems large at first but rides nicely and jibes predictably like you’ve added more rail to your shortboard. This fin is made to handle and makes you want to lean back and floor it.

  3. Control - control - control - Dragon 35

    Karl Gunér (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed of the grip this fin has. Yet it’s really forgiving and let you recover from your mistakes. Makes the board super stable at speeds over 30 knots and gives you the confidence to push even further! I Love it!

  4. Dragon 40cm. & 37.5 cm

    Giles Thornton (verified owner)

    Used the fins for the first time with 7.3 and 6.6 e types on 130l fanatic Blast.The fins have very good top end speed with fantastic control especially in choppy conditions compared to other fins I have tried which then allows for more speed as the board is very comfortable under foot.would definitely recommend these fins.

  5. Dragon 35 and 40

    Thies Nottelmann (verified owner)

    I bought to fins a couple of weeks ago which I use in Norway. First of all I like to say that ordering was very easy and smooth. The delivery just took 5 days!
    I have used them a couple of times and they make a big difference to the fins which came with the board. The control is far better and planning comes earlier. I really enjoy them and will defetanetaly buy more fins from BP!

  6. Perfect fin for stability and speed. Dragon 40cm

    Andrei Burnin (verified owner)

    Tested the 40cm Dragon against 40 cm Makani Kohola, which is (or now WAS) my favorite fin.
    130 L board + 7.6 cambered Naish Indy sail. Lake conditions.
    First, the Dragon fit right in, no base sanding or beefing up with epoxy. It took me several hours to fit the Kohola.
    On the water, there was noticeable difference in stability: it definitely felt more dialed in with better upwind performance.
    The fin also helped me to plane through the jibes, again thanks to the stability.
    Also, with the Dragon I broke my own speed record! Hooray! ????
    Cannot say anything regarding spinouts. Didn’t experience any neither with Kohola or Dragon.

    Thank you so much for the great product BP Fin Project Team!

  7. Dragon 40

    Bob Jones

    I have a RRD Firemove which I sail predominantly with an Ezzy Cheetah 7.0 and the Dragon 40 fin and this combination is nothing short of awesome. Changing from the stock fin, I found the board was faster off the wind, quicker to plane, pointed higher and maintained speed better through the lulls. When the board is fully lit and excitement is beginning to be tinged with a little fear, the board is a joy to crank into a screamingly fast gybe as the rail bites and the fin just does its job and locks into the curve, equally when there are little ramps the fin is comfortable to land and not really noticeable as the board planes through the landing. I love this fin!

  8. Fastest fin ever

    Tim Frank

    Just finished a few sessions and this fin is the fastest ever. No control issues at all, board just sticks. Super happy with this design.!!

  9. It seems that I can just go faster and faster and faster - no spin out!

    Nick Jones

    I recently received my Dragon 37.5 and wanted to leave a review because I was stunned by the difference from my previous fin. I was sailing a flat water spot (Prasonisi, Rhodes) and spent a week on my old fin before the Dragon arrived, so could feel the difference straight away. I was using an RRD Firemove 112 and most of the time sailing an Ezzy Cheetah 6.5 with wind strengths from 13knots to 27 knots (!). First thing to say is how much faster this fin is – I would accelerate so much quicker than before and have yet to find its top speed! It seems that I can just go faster and faster and faster – no spin out (where I had been spinning out a little before). And especially in choppy conditions and strong winds, still the fin would not spin out. What this means is that it gives me more confidence, so I can get into better stance etc, and so really lock the board down and fly upwind. At times when I was sailing super maxed out and was expecting some kind of chaos to ensue – but it never came, the fin was getting me out of jail. And the last difference to note, I could go much faster pointing higher upwind. Really flying. It’s been a revelation. Thanks Chris for all the work that goes into the designing of the fins. The fruit of your labours puts a massive smile on my face after each session, thanks so much.

  10. Even over the choppy conditions I was able to control the board with no spin out.

    Peter Flower

    I finally decided to try a new Dragon 35 in my old Mistral Syncro prototype. The fin I had been using was a custom Kai Hopf fin and was excellent, but it seems to have a limit restriction on top speed. The Dragon fin arrived in Denmark 7 days after placing the order with no import tax which was great ! I tried the fin with a 6.5 ACX Point 7 sail. Initial thoughts of the Dragon were that I couldn’t push as hard as the Kai custom but felt looser. I swapped it out and put in the old Kai custom. The board felt very different, almost stiff and I could push harder. I swapped back in the Dragon and after a an hour I got used to it. The Dragon fin was more sensitive back foot pressure, it needs to be balanced to the conditions. Rather than stomping on it, as with the Kai fin, a gentle increase in pressure achieved the same result of early planing and pointing upwind. After 3 hours using the fin I was completely used to how to work it. I found that there didn’t seem to be a limit to its top speed. In fact even over the choppy conditions I was able to control the board with no spin out. I would have to say that I am very impressed with the pointing and off wind performance and speed. With the fin you can literally “feel” the slight slipping (spin out) soon enough to allow you to slightly lower back foot pressure and avoid spin out. This may be due to the tip design of the Dragon that has a very slight increase in the foil height right in the tip area that follows to the trailing edge. Top speed off the wind was ridiculous ! almost beyond my capabilities to hang on with the board just going faster and faster the more I got used to the fin…I was going so fast that it has taken me to a new level of speed and challenges my abilities in my board control, which can now only improve. I’m very happy with the new fin and have to thank Chris and Tom for helping with the selection for this board and great design.

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