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G10 Wave Sailing Twin Fin

Epic Twinzer Fins


G10 Wave Sailing Twin Fin

Epic Twinzer Fins


Have fun slashing & jumping in smaller waves

The Epic Twinzer windsurf fin range was developed to enhance maneuverability especially in onshore and smaller waves.

Twin fins are ideal for very snappy and ‘slidy’ turns helping riders make the most out of poor wave conditions.

The Epic Twinzer is an ideal performance upgrade for riders with twinzer boards (e.g. Angulo Victory, Quatro Tempo Twin, Starboard Kode or Starboard Nuevo), or for those looking to experiment with their quad/twin convertible board (e.g. JP-Australia Twinzer Quad, JP Australia Radical Quad or Quatro Cube) to loosen up the tail.

The range offers six size options to cover all riders with a wide range of boards and wind conditions.


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