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G10 Wave Sailing Single Fin

Epic Single Fin

(2 customer reviews)


G10 Wave Sailing Single Fin

Epic Single Fin

(2 customer reviews)


Developed to offer speed, power, control & old school style

Many windsurfers still enjoy the secure back foot feeling of the traditional single fin.

Single fins are ideal for heavier wave sailors and bigger boards, and paired with modern technology it’s a classic fin setup that can offer cutting-edge performance.

The Epic single fin range was developed to generate speed and drive ideal in onshore winds and for jumping, especially when the wind is light.

These fins are a performance and tuning upgrade for modern single fin wave boards such as the Quatro Mono, or for those looking to experiment with a single fin option on their thruster board.

Single wave fins have become a popular way to increase the wave sailing performance of boards like the RRD Freestyle Wave and are therefore available in all fin base options.

The Epic Single fin range consists of four size options to cover all riders with a wide range of boards and wind conditions.


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2 reviews for Epic Single Fin

  1. Sweet fin, excellent service

    mstaebler (verified owner)

    Added this fin to my thruster set up on CA Ahu wave board for lighter days with on shore conditions and really improved grip. Board came with 17.5/12 set up from BP which also rip!

  2. So glad I switched. Great service as well.

    Lewis Eickhoff, Vancouver Island. (verified owner)

    I’m running a 20cm EPIC WAVE in my 83l Wavecult and it is very impressive. The board feels more settled on the reaches, and more precise in the turns. So glad I switched. Great service as well.

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