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G10 Slalom & Racing Fin

Hammer Slalom & Racing Fin

(8 customer reviews)


G10 Slalom & Racing Fin

Hammer Slalom & Racing Fin

(8 customer reviews)


Windsurfing slalom fin with low-end power, acceleration & control, tuned for light & medium strength winds & flatter water

The Hammer Slalom/Race windsurfing slalom fin range is designed for light to medium strength winds and flatter water.

The low-end power is ideal for heavier windsurfers who will benefit from the extra lift especially on bigger boards. It has also become very popular as a performance upgrade for freeride boards.



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8 reviews for Hammer Slalom & Racing Fin

  1. Hammer 475

    Michiel Kuper (verified owner)

    I purchased this fin for my big slalom board. It gets me everywhere I want to go with a great deal of control and lift. Loving it!

  2. Hammer 42.5 RRD Firemove 110

    Bob Jones (verified owner)

    Black Project Hammer 42.5. I have been using a BP Dragon 40 in my RRD Firemove 110 for a couple of years now and quite fancied something a little bigger / more powerful for lighter wind days, so I ordered a Hammer 42.5. I am 1m 90 and 95kg and typically use an Ezzy Cheetah 7.0 or Zeta 5.8 with the Firemove and live in West Wales, UK. I have sailed the Hammer twice now, once at Dale on flat water and once at Broad Haven in cross shore wind with 3 foot breaking waves and small rolling swell out the back. (Should have been on 5.8 and Freestyle Wave, rather than 7.0 and Firemove.) First time out at Dale; There is no comparison to the stock fin. Compared to the Dragon, it was easier to keep the board flat on the water, even faster off the wind and the board popped onto the plane noticeably quicker. In the gybe, the extra lift helped to keep me planing on some of my exits.
    Planing hard upwind, lifting the heels allowed the board to engage the leeward rail a little and squeeze a few more degrees to windward. At Broad Haven in a changing seascape the fin behaved impeccably, I had a little too much of everything, so it was an intense session. Coming on to the plane as the sail sheeted in, skipping off swell lines on the way out and gybing on them on the out side and off the back of the outer waves near the beach. The board hardly came off the plane and the fin was a joy to use. The Dragon is a beautiful fin that will look after the rider and permit easy, relaxed blasting; The Hammer, to my mind, provides more feedback and seems to be designed to help the rider squeeze as much performance out of the board as is possible. It’s not quite so tolerant when you get a bit clumsy. I love it. Since drafting this in November, I have used the Hammer loads over the winter in flat to choppy conditions, the Firemove retains all the playful characteristics that make me love it but with a bit more excitement.

  3. Hammer 42.5cm on Vintage Mistral Equipe II XR raceboard

    l.younce (verified owner)

    I’m from the Inner Banks of North Carolina (Yes, adjacent to those Outer Banks) and was searching for a quality Fin to get more flatwater speed on my vintage Mistral Equipe II XR raceboard. After a conversation with Chris, I followed his recommendation and purchased the 42.5 cm Hammer and was NOT disappointed. Board had new life hiking Upwind and even more control while blasting on Reaches during gusts. Chris and the Crew at Black Project Windsurfing know exactly what they’re doing. I am now able to achieve faster speeds than the 38 cm Stock Mistral Race fin I had been using. Amazing product from an Amazing group of people. Excellent Work! (Low – Mod Wind: Using 7.8m NP V8 Sail with Hammer 42.5cm Fin)

  4. Good for use as large freemove board fin

    Marek (verified owner)

    Agreed with the previous. When I am powered (not overpowered) then I can drive it upwind under ridiculous angles 😀 but I still remain in control for downwind and gybing. I use it on RRD Firemove 100l with 5.4 and 6.2 as the large fin. If it gets nuking then I downsize to Kraken 28cm – good combo.

  5. Fast, upwind master fin

    harald.solheim (verified owner)

    After receiving great advice I decided to get a 35 and a 40cm to use with my RRD Riremove 110 and 5.3, 6.4 and 7.8 sails. Could not be happier, they both fly upwind and are really quick at the same time as they are very nice to gybe.

  6. Re the Hammer 42.5


    I agree with Nick Jones…great upwinder, no spinout…and fast; good job Chris!

  7. Re the Hammer


    My 42.5 is my go-t fin for lighter winds and will always be a respected part of my quiver. I agree with Nick Jones re no-spinout, AND with that it tracks upwind with no concern…
    Good one Chris…

  8. WOW! It took my breath away how fast it is - really quick.

    Nick Jones

    WOW! It took my breath away how fast it is – really quick. And what’s more, super-fast pointing way upwind. I was spanking everyone else on the water (and I’m not the fastest sailor). Super quick and smooth and however fast I went and however much I stamped on the fin (to try to see where the spin out limit was), the board would not budge, it just kept flying along in its groove. And with that stability, it meant that I had the confidence to fully commit to the harness; to experiment with body position and angle, thus developing a faster/better stance. Thanks Black Project for the great work you are doing.

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