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G10 Shallow Water Windsurfing Fin

Kestrel Shallow Water Fin

(4 customer reviews)


G10 Shallow Water Windsurfing Fin

Kestrel Shallow Water Fin

(4 customer reviews)


Windsurf slalom fin developed for shallow water & thick weed locations

The Kestrel slalom and speed fin range was developed to enable windsurfing in shallow water and thick weed locations.



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4 reviews for Kestrel Shallow Water Fin

  1. Kestrel at Canadian Hole, Hatteras, NC

    Landon (EngineerLando) (verified owner)

    First off, I’ll add a disclaimer. This was my first trip ever to Canadian Hole in Hatteras, North Carolina. That said, after some conversing with Chris over what fin I would need for very shallow waters of the North Carolina sounds, He recommended his new designed Kestrel Weed speed Fin. I elected to size up since I would be in low wind conditions the majority of the time. That was a good catch, because I ended up using an 8 meter race sail and was NOT dissapointed. I expected the fin to be slower due to the Delta geometry, but boy was I wrong ! I got max speeds out of this fin…. easliy outgunned the prevailing wind that day. I’m no pro, so I wasn’t expecting that type of performance. I will say there seemed to be a little more resistance in turning ability but that’s to be expected. Great Job Guys !!! Another awesome product from a great design team.

  2. Speed in shallow water

    Jason (verified owner)

    I use this fin on my 135l Goya Proton. I got it for shallow water areas. A bonus if weedy though haven’t used it much in weedy areas. It very fast and doesn’t slide out. It’s also nice for having the kids learn as it isn’t a long sharp race fin.

  3. Reached my speeds


    In basic: it most certainly does the job. I could reach the speeds I wanted. And I could get it upwind when I had enough speed. Considering the 8.7m2 and my 90kg at 10kts wind, I am very satisfied. I recommend this fin for all slalom and speed sailors in my area. Although; once you hit a spinout, it is very hard to correct it. And finding the right pressure distribution is also a challenge. I loved it to be able to use all the water on Veluwemeer, regarding current lack of depth

  4. More speed, less weed!

    Nik Mathiesen

    Black Project made a risky promise that I would gain minimum an extra 1-2knots by going with the Kestrel. Not only did it deliver the promised speed, it also opened up to racing many more square miles of shallow flat water areas not sailed before. My local spot is now 3 times the size:) super fast fin and even in chop, no spinouts??!! I highly recommend the Kestrel.

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