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G10 Freewave Single Fin

Kraken Freewave Fin

(1 customer review)


G10 Freewave Single Fin

Kraken Freewave Fin

(1 customer review)


Versatile & ready for any wave sailing conditions you can find

The Epic Thruster wave fins deliver the speed and grip needed in a wide range of wave sailing locations from high wind jumping in Cape Town to light wind wave riding in Peru.

Over the past few seasons thruster wave boards have become increasingly popular due to their ease and range of use.

Thruster fins offer a balance between the speed of a single fin and the control of a quad fin setup, making them the default option for many wave sailors.

Thruster wave fins excel in anything from onshore chop offering speed and drive, to big bumpy waves where they offer control to keep you connected to the wave.

The Epic Thruster fin range consists of two front fin options and five rear fin choices to cover all riders with a range of boards in a wide variety of wave sailing conditions.

Use a bigger rear fin in onshore and jumping conditions and a more balanced set up for enhanced wave riding.

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1 review for Kraken Freewave Fin

  1. Kraken Upgrade to my freewave board.

    Mike (verified owner)

    I am using a 2019 Fanatic Freeride 95 in the Delta sailing 4.5 to 5.5 conditions. Using the stock 28 cm fin I was experiencing fin spin out when I was sailing upwind on the river.

    Switching to the exact same size 28 cm Kraken, I was able to push upwind easier and sail carefree with no mishaps. Kraken has a lot of surface area at the root chord so lots of low end pop, and the great grip in the jibes. Construction is first rate as well. Very worthwhile upgrade to my board for my favorite bump and jump sailing conditions.

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