Windsurfing slalom fin for weed shedding, shallow Water, & speed

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Sizes: 27.5 | 30 | 32.5 | 35 | 37.5 | 40 | 42.5 | 45
Bases: Tuttle & Deep Tuttle
Precision CNC’d Black G10


Anti-Weed Windsurfing Slalom Fin – The Weedspeed windsurfing slalom fin is designed to deliver race winning speed while coping with thick weed and shallow water.

The leading edge rake of 45° sheds weed, kelp and trash which would otherwise slow you down. Our weed fins use our unique EQCM system sizing which makes the slalom range interchangeable between the more upright Hammer / Sabre fins and the swept back Weedspeed.

The Weedspeed fin range consists of eight size options to cover riders with a wide range of slalom boards and wind conditions.


EQCM Sizing Makes Anti-Weed Fin Choice Easier!

Windsurfing should be easy! Equivalent Centimeter Sizing (EQCM) enables you to switch between regular and anti-weed fins with ease. No need to adjust, if you use a 40cm Hammer in non-weed locations just pick the 40 EQCM size of the Weedspeed if sailing with weed and/or shallow water.

Weedspeed - Fin Features
  • Foil optimized for close reach & downwind performance
  • Outstanding acceleration, control and speed
  • High rake (45° from vertical) for weed shedding and shallow water conditions
  • EQCM (Equivalent CM Sizing System) for easy comparison with regular fins
  • Unique outline for maximum efficiency and control
  • Laminar flow foil technology
  • CNC produced in G10 for exceptional stiffness and durability
  • Highly spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle base
  • Threaded brass inserts for a premium fit and longevity
  • Protective foam cover for storage & transport


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