Upgrading to Black Project freewave fins will increase your windsurfing performance & lead to more fun water time

Freewave Fins – Our windsurfing fins will improve the performance of your freewave (FW), freestyle wave (FSW) freemove and/or largest wave board. By upgrading your fins you will widen the wind range of your board, plane earlier, sail faster, stay in control longer and jump higher.

The FW Thruster fins will significantly enhance the wave sailing characteristics of your freewave board. The increased popularity of freewave boards supplied with three fin boxes gives you a new opportunity to experience the chameleon nature of these boards by changing your fins.

Our anti-weed and shallow water freewave fin will have you sailing in locations which were previously inaccessible.

Our range of freewave fins have been developed using the same technology and rigorous testing as our race winning slalom fins and championship dominating wave fins. Unlike other freewave fins ours use precision CNC manufacturing in the same materials as our other fins.

You might not be landing loops or hitting big lips but you need the performance upgrade all the same. Except no compromises this season and upgrade your windsurfing fins today.

Built in ultra-durable CNC’d black G10 our design, quality & performance is unrivaled.



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