Freewave Fin Size Guide

By Chris Freeman 2 years ago

This windsurfing freewave fin size guide will make it easy for you to compare and select the right fins for your single fin and thruster freewave boards while also suggesting which equivalent anti-weed and shallow water freewave fins you should use.

75 - 854.0 – 5.02217.5 / 11.0EQCM 22
80 - 904.5 – 5.52417.5 / 11.5EQCM 24
85 - 1005.0 – 6.02618.5 / 11.5EQCM 26
95 - 1105.5 – 6.52820.0 / 11.5EQCM 28
100 - 1205.7 – 6.53020.0 / 12.0EQCM 30
105 - 1306.0 – 7.53221.5 / 12.0EQCM 32
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By comparing sizings across all freewave fin types and configurations you are able to make informed choices especially if you are new to multi-fin boards or windsurf in a range of conditions.
This data was complied by talking to windsurfers of all from all over the world over a 10 year period and while there will always be exceptions to the rule, this guide acts as a great starting point.
As a general rule heavier sailors need bigger fins as do those who sail predominantly in lighter and onshore conditions.
Remember: Choosing the right size windsurfing fins will dramatically enhance your performance and enjoyment of each session.
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