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Fast & User-Friendly Freeride Fins

Dragon Freeride Fin

Original price was: $190.00.Current price is: $150.00.

Fast & User-Friendly Freeride Fins

Dragon Freeride Fin

Original price was: $190.00.Current price is: $150.00.

Early Planing, Fast and User-Friendly Fin Designs

The Dragon Freeride fin represents a significant leap forward for freeride, freemove, and freerace boards. Leveraging our extensive expertise in designing slalom fins, we have created a windsurfing fin that allows riders to elevate their speed without compromising on comfort. This exceptional fin not only enables earlier planing but also empowers riders to achieve new personal best speeds while maintaining absolute control over their board. Positioned seamlessly within our lineup, the Dragon fin bridges the gap between our racing and freewave ranges, offering an optimal blend of performance and versatility.

Recommended Sizes & Tuning Options

The Dragon Freeride fin offers a selection of six(6) size options, ensuring that we caters to the needs of every rider, regardless of their freeride board, sail size, or wind conditions. To accommodate different body weights, heavier riders can confidently opt for a size up, while smaller riders will benefit from one size down. Refer to the table sizing suggestions and comparisons with our anti-weed and shallow water Delta style freeride fins. This comprehensive range of options makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your windsurfing setup.

Board Size (ltrs)Sail Range (m2)CM / EQCM* / DELTA^^
90 - 1056.0 - 7.035.0 / 35.0 / 19.5
95 - 1206.5 - 7.537.5 / 37.5 / 21.0
110 -1257.0 - 8.040.0 / 40.0 / 22.5
115 - 1307.5 - 8.542.5 / 42.5 / 24.0
120 - 1358.0 - 9.045.0 / 45.0 / n/a
125 - 1408.5 - 9.547.5 / 47.5 / n/a

*EQCM sizing: Easily mix and match regular and anti-weed fins with our unique sizing system. Referencing the equivalent regular size fin, it allows you to build a seamless quiver, avoiding unnecessary overlap. Achieve optimal versatility with two models that perfectly complement each other.

^^Delta fin shaping: With a distinctive delta outline shape, featuring a swept-back leading edge and wider base, these fins excel in shallow water areas due to their very shallow depth.

Precision CNC G10

Dragon fins: precision-engineered, CNC’d Black G10. Functional, stylish, and durable.


Our goal was to create a high-performance fin range that excels in both speed and ease of use, elevating the performance of freeride, freemove, and freerace boards. With our fins, you can confidently sail faster, maintain superior control, and conquer a broader spectrum of wind and water conditions.

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