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Our progressive wave riding fin set designed for side-shore conditions.

Wave / Quad4 SS (Set of 4)


Our progressive wave riding fin set designed for side-shore conditions.

Wave / Quad4 SS (Set of 4)



The all new Quad4 SS (side-shore) wave fin set is the second installment of our new generation BLACK PROJECT 3.0 windsurfing fin collection. These new quad fins incorporate everything that we have learnt and experienced throughout our windsurfing career and represent the most extensive fin development project we have ever completed, spanning several seasons and many global locations.

To develop this new wave fin set we worked meticulously together with Morgan Noireaux (3 x Aloha Classic / IWT Champion) to develop a fin set which would accentuate his carving turns still further. Led by Morgan, this was truly a team project, with extensive input from our professional team including Maui based wave riding maestro Bernd Roediger, 5 x World Champion Philip Köster, PWA/IWT athlete Arthur Arutkin, and rising Japanese star Takuma Sugi. The team tested these fins in a range of premium locations including Cloud Break (Fiji), Pacasmayo (Peru), Ponta Preta (Cabo Verde) and here on Maui at Ho’okipa, Lanes, Kanaha and La Peruse Bay.


The new quad front fins are smaller in areas, thinner and more flexible than any of our previous quad fins released. These fins are designed for riding and the increased flex promotes a tighter entry into your bottom turn making it easier to get vertical as you approach the lip. All Quad4 SS sets have 9cm front fins.

The rear fins are more swept back than previous models and a little more flexible. The set is designed to help your board stay engaged, but free and fast through the top turn, the feeling of grip is more progressive than our previous model. The rear fins are available in sizes 14.25, 14.5, 14.75 and 15.0 enabling tuning across a range of board sizes and rider weights. The Quad SS is designed to be dynamic, fast and fluid and will encourage riders to elevate and focus on their wave riding.


The Quad4 SS fin set can be tuned to excel in a wide range of wave riding and wind conditions. In smaller waves and stronger winds, stay in balance by using a smaller set of rear fins, while in lighter winds try a bigger rear set for increased power and speed. Typically our smaller and female athletes will use the 14.25 and 14.5 rear fins while larger riders will opt for 14.5 and 14.75 rears, the 15.0 rear fins are great for bigger boards, lighter winds and heavier riders. We narrowed the gap between fin sizes because we found that 0.5cm gaps were too big, this new sizing offers a big improvement in tuning options. Consider smaller rear fins in smaller, fun, skatepark style riding and opt for a little more size for bigger and faster waves where increased grip is beneficial.

Board Size (ltrs)Sail Range (m2)Rear / Front (cm)
65 - 803.5 – 4.514.25 x2 / 9.0 x 2
75 - 904.0 - 5.014.5 x 2 / 9.0 x 2
85 - 1004.5 - 5.514.75 x 2 / 9.0 x 2
90 - 1105.0 - 6.015.0 x 2 / 9.0 x 2


Precision engineered, produced in CNC’d Black G10 and featuring our new artwork, these new quad wave sailing fins are functional, stylish, and durable. They come complete with our new fin stash which can hold five or more fins in individual sleeves – also great for your travel essentials.


Our aim was to make a fin set which will significantly enhance the wave riding performance of the new era of custom, semi-custom and production wave boards. With these new fins, we are confident that you can take your wave riding up a level (or two), these are the best quad wave fins ever released.

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